Náttsól charming mare SOLD

Náttsól frá Saurbæ IS2010257781,  beautiful and charming mare. 

Náttsól is a reliable and much educated mare. She is rather big and beautiful. Náttsól is soft in tölt, with good trot, canter and walk. She is a great riding horse wich can be perfect horse to take on a course, on a long riding trip or ligth competition. She knows all the basics in dressage and has received 5,60 in V5 indoor. Náttsól is after Ljónslöpp frá Bringu (daugter of honorary price stallion Gustur frá Hóli) and the 1. prize stallion Vígur frá Eikarbrekku, who has been in 3 place in T2 young rider in the World Championship in Berlin 2013. 

The video is taken in okt 2018. Click here to watch video.


Náttsól brokk

Náttsól uppstilling

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