Bratti soft tölter -SOLD

Bratti t

Bratti frá Saurbæ IS2010157782 is a smooth horse that is easy to ride in tölt. Bratti is the perfect pleasure riding tölt horse and looks good, too. Bratti is a five gaited horse, his best gait is the tölt, his trot is smooth. He can easily canter and his canter is smooth as well. Bratti has pace, but it has not been trained. Bratti is reliable, easy to ride, ligth on the reins and sensitive to the aids. Bratti is a perfect companion for riders with some experince. He knows a bit in dressagse and could also be very nice to take on a course. He could also be suitable for lighter competitions in tölt T8 or T4.

Bratti is sired by Roði frá Múla who has 1. price for offsprings and Birting frá Árgerði. 

You can see a video of Bratti if you click HERE.

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