Víf, very good pedigree and 7,96 in total! SOLD


Víf from Halakot IS2001282461 has received 7,96 in a total score in FIZO breeding show when she was six year old.  She is after the honorary prized stallion Hróður from Refsstaðir and Láð from Þjótanda, who was after the honorary prized mare Leira from Þingdal and the honorary prized stallion and the legend Orri from Þúfa.  Víf's mother Láð was a half sister to the famous honoray prized stallion Oddur from Selfoss, so it is fair to say that Víf has an extremly good bloodline. Here is a great chance to become owner of a mare with good bloodline and a good breading judgement.  The price is only 500.000 ISK. For more information contact heidrun(at)saurbaer.is or call +354 849 5654.


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