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We have always some riding/competition horses for sale. We have also promising young horses and foals for sale. If there is something special you are looking for, contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will se if we have the horse for you, or if we can help you to find one.


  • Rammi frá Saurbæ - SOLD

    Rammi frá Saurbæ IS2016157781 is a 6 year old sweet gelding, 140 cm on the withers. He is very reliable and rather calm with medium willingness. He is a promising fivegaited horse with good movements and leg action. Rammi is suitable as a family riding horse or as a promising 5 gaited competition horse. The pace has not been trained but is very accessible and clear beated. Tölt is easy for him and he is still developing in all gaites. Rammi is uncomplicated and lovely, easy in all handling and with other horses. 

    Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and price. Video available

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  • Harmónía frá Saurbæ

    Harmónía IS2015257785 is a charming and promising fourgaited mare with good gaits, movements and much mane and tail.

    She is comfortable to ride, trusts the rider and is sensitive to respond to the aids from the rider. She knows all basic excercises in dressage. She is very light on the bit and has very positive temparement and is always improving. Harmónía is promising for competition or pleasure riding.

    Harmónía is after first prized (FIZO) parents, so her pedigree is very interesting.  She is 7 years and 138 cm on the withers.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and price. Video available on our Instagram account


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  • Náttsól charming mare SOLD

    Náttsól charming mare SOLD

    Náttsól frá Saurbæ IS2010257781,  beautiful and charming mare. 

    Náttsól is a reliable and much educated mare. She is rather big and beautiful. Náttsól is soft in tölt, with good trot, canter and walk. She is a great riding horse wich can be perfect horse to take on a course, on a long riding trip or ligth competition. She knows all the basics in dressage and has received 5,60 in V5 indoor. Náttsól is after Ljónslöpp frá Bringu (daugter of honorary price stallion Gustur frá Hóli) and the 1. prize stallion Vígur frá Eikarbrekku, who has been in 3 place in T2 young rider in the World Championship in Berlin 2013. 

    The video is taken in okt 2018. Click here to watch video.


    Náttsól brokk

    Náttsól uppstilling

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  • Bratti soft tölter -SOLD

    Bratti soft tölter -SOLD

    Bratti t

    Bratti frá Saurbæ IS2010157782 is a smooth horse that is easy to ride in tölt. Bratti is the perfect pleasure riding tölt horse and looks good, too. Bratti is a five gaited horse, his best gait is the tölt, his trot is smooth. He can easily canter and his canter is smooth as well. Bratti has pace, but it has not been trained. Bratti is reliable, easy to ride, ligth on the reins and sensitive to the aids. Bratti is a perfect companion for riders with some experince. He knows a bit in dressagse and could also be very nice to take on a course. He could also be suitable for lighter competitions in tölt T8 or T4.

    Bratti is sired by Roði frá Múla who has 1. price for offsprings and Birting frá Árgerði. 

    You can see a video of Bratti if you click HERE.

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  • Víf, very good pedigree and 7,96 in total! SOLD

    Víf, very good pedigree and 7,96 in total! SOLD


    Víf from Halakot IS2001282461 has received 7,96 in a total score in FIZO breeding show when she was six year old.  She is after the honorary prized stallion Hróður from Refsstaðir and Láð from Þjótanda, who was after the honorary prized mare Leira from Þingdal and the honorary prized stallion and the legend Orri from Þúfa.  Víf's mother Láð was a half sister to the famous honoray prized stallion Oddur from Selfoss, so it is fair to say that Víf has an extremly good bloodline. Here is a great chance to become owner of a mare with good bloodline and a good breading judgement.  The price is only 500.000 ISK. For more information contact heidrun(at) or call +354 849 5654.


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