Birting frá Árgerði


IS2001265670WF svart 16x20

Birting is a five gaited mare with good pedigree

Birting is after the famous Kraftur frá Bringu and the first prize mare Birting frá Árgerði. Birting's pedigree is very interesting. Snælda frá Árgerði, who has received honorary price for offspring, is the grandmother to Birting. Birta, the mother of Birting, has four first prize siblings and another five that have been shown and received 7,86-7,52 total. Birta, the mother of Birting, has many good siblings, there among Blika frá Árgerði, who has received 8,84 for ridden abilities . Brynjar from Árgerði is also brother to Birta and he has received 9,5 for pace in breeding jugement. He has also received best 8,17 in PP1 pace. Kraftur frá Bringu, the father of Birting, is after the honorary price stallion Gustur frá Hóli. Kraftur became double Icelandic Champion in tölt and five gait in 2006 and 2007. Kraftur became world champion in five gait and five gait combination in 2007.


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