Arinn og Grimur kljast2

There have been horses at Saurbær for many years. The same family has lived in Saurbær for more than one hundred years and they have owned horses all along. Many years ago horses were bred to help our ancestors with farming. Horses were also used if people needed to travel, as there were few cars in Iceland and fewer roads, so the easiest way was to ride, and therefore it was very important to have good riding horses. Horses have always been a part of the family and enjoyed by the people. In the 2001 Eymundur gave up diary farming and focused more on his horses. The company Saurbær ehf. bought the first prized mare Gola frá Yzta-Gerði which became a successfull competition horse with Heiðrún Ósk Eymundsdóttir. Later on, Eymundur bought the stallion Kraftur frá Bringu which Þórarinn Eymundsson trained and they became Icelandic champions in five gate and tölt in 2006 and 2007. Tóti, as he is often called, became World Champion in five gait with Kraftur in 2007 and got silver in tölt.  Today there are around ten mares in breeding. We have five 1. prized mares and two that have received second prize.  In a few sentences: our breeding goal is to breed horses with good spirit, who have a positive and determined willingness. We want to breed beautiful horses which also find it easy to carry the rider in good balance, horses with beautiful movements, full of expression,  with clear beat in the gaites, high action and suppleness in the movements. We want this in our horses, fourgaited horses as well as fivegaited ones. We want to breed horses that we enjoy riding.

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