Hlekkur improved his score and qualified for Landsmót

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Pétur showed Hlekkur frá Saurbæ in a breeding show the other day and Hlekkur received a great score. Hlekkur improved both his conformation and ridden abilities. He reiceived 8,13 for conformation and 8,71 for ridden abilites. Hlekkur has a very even and good score, 9,0 for pace, form under rider and willingness and 8,5 for tölt, trot, gallop and slow tölt. Althoug this is a great score, this was not enough to make it to the top 10 in seven years and older stallions on Landsmót. Pétur decided to participate in A-flokkur gæðinga with Hlekkur, wich was just the day after the breeding show and they received 8,53 in their first competition ever and qualified for Landsmót. Exciting times ahead Smile