The key to success with horses, is to listen to each individual and try to understand the horse both, physically and psychologically

We think it is very important when training a horse, to find out individual needs of each horse. You have to for example look at the horse conformation and physical state of health and fitness, to understand how to train the horse. A good trainer understands how to help each horse to develop as a better riding horse. Even more important is to understand the horses behavior and natural instinct. Because the horse is a pray animal, we think that in training it is important to give the horse chance to choose in every situation. We want the horse to choose to be with us and to choose to work with us. That is the only way to get a proud and a happy horse and to have a good relationship with your horse.

Heiðrún Ósk og Pétur Örn have both gratuated from Hólar University Collage as young horses trainers, advanced trainers and riding instructors. They are both members of the Icelandic Trainers Association FT. They are also experienced in riding horses in competition and breeding shows. They train all kind of horses, all from the starting up a young horse to the most advanced training. You can read more about them here.

At Saurbær we have very good opportunities to train horses. We train the horses most outside in the nature, and we have many different riding tracks on different grounds at Saurbær. We have also a small indoor riding arena, wich is ideal for starting young horses and dressage training. There is a big competition arena; Vindheimamelar (Landsmót Arena) just few minuets away by horse, there is a oval track and a pace track.

Here are som photos of the facilities at Saurbær:

01 Petur a Hlekk
02-Rispa Heidrun og Hjukurinn
03-hesthus sudurgangur
04-hesthus kaffistofa
05-Freyja og Petur i sambandi
06-Freyja og Petur i sambandi2
07-Ljonslopp i bas
08-Spakur og Heidrun
09-folold ad leik
10-Hlekkur posar

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