Háfeti well trained and educated riding horse


Háfeti frá Saurbæ IS2008157782 is a well trained and educated riding horse. He is supple and cooperative. He is good in many dressage practices and fun to train through them. Háfeti is a perfect horse for someone who likes to take lessons and study riding, because he is a great teacher through the education he has gotten. 

Háfeti is a fourgaiter with all his gaites clear and sure. He is very flexible and supple and it is easy for example to ride him serpentines in trot/tölt and canter on the circle. Háfeti has been once in indoor competition and received 5,70 in fourgait V5.

Háfeti is after the former worldchampion in five gait Kraftur frá Bringu and the 1. price mare Hending frá Saurbæ.


 You can see a video of Háfeti if you click HERE.


Here bellow you can see more photos of Háfeti. 

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