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Gráskinna frá Ásgeirsbrekku IS2007258481

Gráskinna is a beautiful and charming mare. She has good movements, with clear beat in the gates and good balance. She has very nice character, she is polite and easy to handle in the stable, easy to get in the paddock and no problems while shooing. Gráskinna is a real lady always clean and white in her coat. She is nice and secure to ride, listens good to the aids and has good willingness so she is maybe not a horse for beginners, but close to it. She knows the basic in exercises like leg yielding and shoulder in.

Gráskinna is around 138 cm tall.

Gráskinna comes from a good breed. Her mother Limra frá Ásgeirsbrekku has 1. price and total 8.04 in FIZO. Gráskinna father Huginn frá Haga has a total score of 8.57 in FIZO and 9.05 for ridden ability and hounory prize for offspring, which is the greatest prize a stallion can get for his offspring. 


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